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We are a side hustle for the people in our network. Earn money conveniently by sharing your opinions, via market surveys, mystery shopping and multimedia tasks.

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Urgent 2K makes it very easy and efficient to gather data, execute tasks and earn in Nigeria.  

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“It was deep, very interactive and interesting, even without knowing anyone and meeting them for the first time. They created a flow between us during the physical survey and during the online surveys, the questions are direct and can be visualized at once which make it easy to flashback for honest answers.”

Korede, Lagos

“Lol. Didn't think doing surveys actually paid a dime because I have done several of them in the past. But Malokun Labs came through. Clean and precise surveys and payment days after.”

Chiamaka, Lagos
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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a CV to qualify for a task?

No, sufficient information is provided through the profile you fill.

Should I apply even if I don't have experience?

Yes, we have pre-screeners which help us determine your eligibility.

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Get paid for pioneering, recruiting and for summarizing topics of your interest.

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